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About Us

May Flowers & Gifts is where imagination and customer service come together to create a relationship that will last for years to come. We opened in when I decided my passion could best be served from my own flower shop.

Unique Qualities:  
Iíve always felt presentation is everything and our customers applaud my creativity. They are so excited when holidays arrive and the gift theyíve sent is received with complete surprise and that we have sent another memorable gift, whether itís Mothers Day, Valentineís or an Anniversary. I find out what the customer likes and then I provide a gift specific to our clients.

Would you like to know: 
With over 30 years experience in the floral industry I have been blessed to help a young man find a way to meet the girl of his dreams by sending a dozen red roses, later ask her to marry him and finally help them plan the wedding so I can send the bride down the aisle to marry the man of her dreams. Making memories is what we do best at May Flowers & Memorable Gifts.

Who can benefit most: 
I have benefited greatly over the years by meeting the wonderful people who didnít know what they really wanted when they called or came in the shop. I walk them through the process so effortlessly that when they call again they leave it up to me to take care of the occasion for them. So I guess anyone that calls May Flowers & Gifts will find comfort knowing I will help them with their first prom, first grandchild, anniversary, birthday or a floral tribute for a loved one that has just passed away.

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